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Girls Volleyball Tournament

September 2nd through September 16th

Kezar Pavillion Gym

The San Francisco FLAME program is pleased to invite you to our 2023 girls’ volleyball tournament.  This years tournament will again be free to enter.  FLAME will cover all entry fees.

This year we will host tournaments for 4th/5th through 8th grades in both upper and lower divisions.  Upper division teams should be comprised of teams in the 1st and 2nd division of their CYO league.  Lower division teams should be comprised of teams in the 3rd division and lower of their CYO league.  Any exceptions must be approved by FLAME.  Schedule and format are subject to change depending on number of teams entered.  We will have flexibility and do our best to accommodate tournament schedule time changes if school and tournament matches conflict.


Tournament Format


                    Upper division will be 6 teams split into two 3 team pools.

                    All teams advance to bracket play.

                    Three match guarantee.

                    Lower division will be 12 teams split into four 3 team pools.

                    All teams advance to bracket play

                    1st in pool advances to Gold championship bracket

                    2nd in pool advances to Silver championship bracket

                    3rd in pool advances to Bronze championship bracket

                    Three match guarantee.


                    Modified CYO rules will apply.  Please see tournament revisions provided on the FLAME                            tournament rules revisions page.



                    SF Flame T-Shirts will be provided for all participants.

                    Tournament trophies will be awarded to top 2 teams in each bracket.


Participation Rules

                    All teams entered in the FLAME tournament should be comprised of only players of regular                        season teams that participate in scheduled leagues established and governed by school,                          parish, or geographical boundaries.  Teams that participate in programs such as AAV, NOR-                      CAL, traveling, club, or other all-star teams are not eligible to participate in the tournament                        unless cleared by FLAME.


                    Lower Division teams must be composed of players from the lower division only.  You may                        not add upper division players to lower division teams unless approved by Flame.


                    No player can play for more than one team per grade in the FLAME tournament.


                    Each team must submit a completed Waiver of Liability and Release form signed by a parent                      or Guardian of each participant prior to tournament play in order to compete.



                    Each team roster can be composed of up to 10 players.

                    All players must attend school/parish in the grade in which they participate or in the grade                        immediately below.

                    Any exceptions must be cleared by FLAME prior to tournament play.

                    Any team in violation of these rules will be disqualified.



                    Any team that does not appear for a scheduled tournament match will be disqualified from                        any further tournament competition.

                    Any team that has forfeited will not be accepted for the following years tournament.




                    Coaches and their assistants will be held responsible for the actions of their players on and                      off the court, and their supporters in attendance.

                    Game officials after one warning, or at their discretion, may declare a match forfeited due to                      unsportsmanlike behavior.

                    No more than 2 coaches are to be in the bench area during the course of any match


Entry Fee

                     Tournament is FREE to enter.




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