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Boys Basketball

47th Annual FLAME 

Boys Basketball Tournament

FLAME will be hosting its 47th Annual boys' basketball tournament this year during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.  Games will be played at Kezar Gym in San Francisco.  The tournaments will once again be free to enter for all teams.  FLAME will cover all entry fees.  To register please use the link at the bottom of the page.

Tournament Dates:

5th Grade Lower - November 27 & December 11

8 Teams

6th Grade Lower - November 25-26

16 Teams

7th Grade Lower - December 18-19

16 Teams

8th Grade Lower - December 20-21

16 Teams

5th Grade Upper - November 27 & December 11

6 Teams

6th Grade Upper - December 22-23

12 Teams

7th Grade Upper - December 27-28

9 Teams

8th Grade Upper - December 29-30

12 Teams

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