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SF FLAME Volleyball uses the CYO Volleyball Rules as a basic guideline.  You can review the CYO Volleyball rules at (

For purposes of our tournament please note the following rule changes/differences from the CYO Volleyball rules.

  1. Unlimited Substitutions – Players can only re-enter for the same player they substituted for.  There is no limit to player subs.

  2. Coaches may choose to use a continuous rotation.  Once a game has started, they must stay with that rotation for the duration of the game.  They can switch to subs in the next game if they desire.

  3. There is no automatic “Participation” restriction.  All substitutions and player participation are at the discretion of the coach.  All players do not have to play.

  4. There is no serve limit.

  5. No 12-point sub rule.

  6. For all grades, the ball can touch any part of the body and still be legally in play.    (E.G., Foot, Knee, Etc.)

  7. A team can start with 5 players without penalty.  On the subsequent games, if a 6th player does not arrive, the game will still be played.  When the spot comes to the serve that team will be penalized a point and will be an automatic side out.

  8. Home team is responsible to keep the “official” book.  The Flame tournament does not have the staffing to keep book.  We encourage teams to keep their own in case of scoring discrepancies.


Please review these rules and strategize accordingly.  The officials will review these rules prior to your match.

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