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FLAME Basketball Tournament Rules

General Rules


1.  Length of Games

5th & 6th grade – 6-minute quarters

7th & 8th grades – 7-minute quarters

Overtime – 3 minutes.  If still tied after overtime period, sudden death will occur and the first team to score ONE point will be the winner.

Overtime - Semi-Finals and Championship games will play a 3 minute overtime period.  If still tied after first over period additional 3 minutes periods will be played until a winner is determined.


2.  Clock

The clock will stop on substitutions, timeouts, and all shooting fouls.  The clock will stop on every whistle in the last ten seconds of the first three quarters and the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and overtime if needed.

3.  Timeouts

Each team will have five timeouts per game.  One additional timeout will be granted in the overtime period.

4.  Substitutions

Free substitution will be allowed in all grades.  Players must check in at the scorer’s table.  There are no mandatory player participation rules.

5.  Three Point Shots

3-poing shots are allowed in all grades.

6.  Press Defense Rules

Full court press is allowed at any point in the game until a team reaches a 20-point lead.  Teams that reach a 20-point lead must fall back to the 3-point line until opponent crosses the half court line.

7.  Referees, Scorebook, and Scoreboard Operator

Every tournament game shall have two referees, an official scorebook     keeper, and a scoreboard operator.

Team Rules

1.  Participation Rules

All teams entered in the FLAME tournament must be comprised only of players who are members of regular season teams that participate in scheduled leagues established and governed by school, parish, or geographical borders.  Teams such as AAU, Nor-Cal, “traveling”, or other “all-star” teams are not eligible to participate in this tournament unless permitted by a FLAME official.


2.  Divisions

Upper division teams should be teams from the top 2 divisions of SF CYO, or top division in their respective league.

Lower division teams may enter teams in upper division tournaments.

No upper division teams will be allowed to enter a lower division tournament without approval of a FLAME official.


3.  Roster

Team rosters should be no more than 10 players unless approval is received from a FLAME official.

All players should attend school in the grade in which they participate or in the grade immediately below.  Any team using a player who is attend class in a grade above that in which they are participating will be disqualified.          

Lower division teams must be composed of players from the lower division only.  Please do not add players from an upper division team to your lower division team.  No player may play for more than one team each FLAME tournament.

All teams must turn in a roster waiver form signed by each player’s parent or guardian prior to their first game.



4.  Conduct

Team coaches and their assistants will be held responsible for the actions of their players, on and off the court, as well as their supporters in attendance.  Game officials after one warning, or at their discretion, may declare a game forfeited due to unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches, assistants, players, or their fans.  No more than 2 coaches in the bench area during the course of any game.


5.  Awards

Team Awards

1st and 2nd place trophies championship brackets 

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